Web Services We Offer & Rates

Web design, management, and hosting services are explained below.
Hard-copy (print) design services and rates are listed on the previous page.

    Basic web site: This includes five to ten pages, an email form, content supplied by customer, $300.00. Domain name is not included. The customer will make arrangements for the web site to be hosted and the domain name established. (Assistance can be provided if necessary.)

    Logo design: Custom logo design is $25.00.

    Flash Page: An animated opening page with or without music. This is usually used only on the home page. Depending on the length of the animation and the hours required to produce it the fee will be $100.00 to $500.00.

    Maintenance and Management of the web site is divided into minor changes and major changes.

    A minor change means simple text and image changes, which may be done daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

    A major change means some kind of restructuring of the site including the development of new pages or sections, forms or other significant modifications.

    Fee breakdown for minor changes:

    Minor changes daily

    • $5.00 per day x 7 days = $35.00 per week
    • $140.00 per month
    • $1500.00 per year

    Minor changes weekly

    • $5.00 per week
    • $20.00 per month
    • $200.00 per year

    Minor changes biweekly

    • $5.00 per every to weeks
    • $10.00 per month
    • $100.00 per year

    Minor changes monthly

    • $5.00 per month
    • $50.00 per year

    If minor changes are paid for in advance, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly and the work exceeds the particular plan (e.g. the monthly plan—changes made only once a month—is selected and changes are requested three times in a particular month) then the extra work will be charged on a daily basis ($25.00 a day).

    Fee for major changes:

    Major changes are charged on an hourly basis and billed when the work is completed. The hourly rate is $15.00.

    If you would like to establish your own domain name, e.g. yahoo.com, we can arrange for this and set up a third-party server for you. The cost for this varies depending on the domain name registration and price for the hosting on a third-party server.

    A less expensive option is to choose shared domain web hosting at SpiritofGenovia.com. This means that the web address of your site would be www.spiritofgenovia.com/your_chosen_title. Along with the web site you may also have one E-mail address that would be your_chosen_title@spiritofgenovia.com.

    All of this is available for the low-low price of $5.00 per month providing your bandwidth is average. Bandwidth is a way the server measures the number of traffic that visits your site. If your bandwidth is abnormally high (and you're an extremely popular web site) then the price would be prorated in accordance with the bandwidth.

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